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How to win iPhone 11 for free by sharing a post on social networks

If you want an iPhone 11 you can buy it or try to win it by participating in the Halloween giveaway prepared by iMyFone, a company that you find mentioned several times on our pages as it develops excellent software to complement Apple devices.

One of these iMyFone Fixppo, reviewed by our editorial staff, which allows resuscitation of iPhones, iPads, iPod touches and Apple TVs in the event of operating system malfunctions. This practical tool is able to solve some of the most common problems without requiring the assistance of a technician.

How to win iPhone 11 for free by sharing a post on social networks

If for example the iPhone gets blocked during an update of the operating system, or if it does not go beyond the start-up screen with the Apple logo imprinted during a restore, if you have connected it to iTunes and cannot access the internal memory, but even if suddenly a completely white or black screen appears and you can't get it started again even with a forced restart, this program will allow you to restart the device without losing the data contained within it.

iMyFone Fixppo this and much more: at the time of writing we have solved the problems of over two million customers, who have been able to recover an Apple device sold for passed without going through the technical department. As we said in our pages there is an in-depth review that shows you this program in action and if you would like to deepen the subject you will not have to do anything but browse through the various chapters.

How to win iPhone 11 for free by sharing a post on social networks

If we talked about it because this utility is the object of the iMyFone giveaway launched to celebrate Halloween. In fact, by going to This Page and by sharing the relevant promotional box on your Facebook, Twitter or Reddit profile you will become part of the list of potential winners of an iPhone 11 or one of the 20 licenses to install and use your own iMyFone Fixppo for free.

To participate in the draw and learn about all the rules of the promotion start from here.