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Google will replace the blocked Mini and Google Home speakers

Google has promised that some Google Home devices blocked following a firmware update will be replaced. In recent weeks, problems have been reported by device users Google Home is Mini, blocked following a firmware update and become unusable. The devices in question show flashing LED lights: it is impossible to restart and any reset attempt seems useless.

Users affected by the problem have contacted the Google support team but apparently a fix is ??not possible despite repeated attempts to reset and restore various. At the end of September, Google had made it known that it was investigating the problem. Now the inconvenience officially recognized even if, according to them, it was not a widespread problem. In any case, Google will replace the "briccati" devices, regardless of whether they were under warranty or not. In addition, a further fix was envisaged, a countermeasure that should prevent the occurrence of such problems in the future.

Google Home blocked will be replaced

We are aware that a small number of Google Home and Google Home Mini devices have been affected by a problem that prevents devices from working, reported the Mountain View multinational reported by 9to5Google. We have a fix that will prevent the problem from occurring and will be released soon. We are replacing the affected devices.

Before requesting the replacement of blocked Google Home devices, the company suggests trying the device reset following the instructions given here. If the restore doesn't work, you need to contact Google technical support to get the Google Home or Mini device replaced.