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Five new games for Apple Arcade including action, memory and role-playing

Apple seems to want to get serious with its new streaming games service. After the arrival of the first title made in Gameloft, Apple Arcade adds to its long list another 5 games, naturally included in the subscription of 4.99 euros a month, without having to spend money on extra purchases. Here is what it is.

The first game on the Fallen Knight list of FairPlay Studios, a side-scrolling action platformer in which the player takes commands of the fiftieth Lancelot, intent on fighting against a terrorist organization in a futuristic world. A title that old school lovers will enjoy, but if you want to relax, there is no shortage of Lifelike by kunabi brother, which is described as a "symphony of fascinating particles" that allow the player to interact with dreamlike and colorful settings.

Five new games for Apple Arcade

Tales of Memo by Tendays Studio, instead, is a title focused on memory puzzles, while Hogwash from Bossa Studios, a game set on a farm in the player, will be able to choose to join the farmers who struggle to keep the farm in order, cleaning it from the pigs throwing mud everywhere.

Five new games for Apple Arcade

Finally, Yaga The Roleplaying Folktale by Breadcrumbs, an action role-playing game based on Slavic mythology in which you will play the role of a blacksmith named Ivan. The latter will be Apple Arcade's exclusive temporal, but is already preparing to arrive on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in November.

Five new games for Apple Arcade

However, all five titles are already playable on Apple Arcade, all included in the subscription of 4.99 euros per month. If you want to read more about how the company's streaming service works, we invite you to read this in-depth. To read all the news on the service, including the new games published after the launch, instead, we refer you to this link.