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Apple "There is more private information on your phone than at home"

A new Apple video on privacy makes users reflect and at the same time illustrates the vision of the Cupertino multinational: smartphones retain an impressive amount of private information, even more than our home, in any case, security and protection must be easy to understand and for users to use.

Apple's stance on privacy was ahead of its time, immediately strong and determined to protect people. Cupertino started talking about privacy when the subject was not yet felt as a problem, a position that initially raised some clashes with the authorities in the US but which was not only understood in the public debate but also imitated by all the major giants of the technology.

Not only: to raise public awareness on the subject, Apple has also created several advertisements in which privacy in the IT field is always shown in relation to everyday problems, with comparisons in everyday life and real life behavior. Let us remember for example the Apple videos on privacy in which a boy looks for information on the net about growth and development, or that of the woman who in a beauty center continues to send messages laughing and joking in a private conversation with her friends and others.

apple video on privacy - aplpe privacy website

In the new Apple video on privacy the narrative voice declares that today there is more private information in our phone than in our home, inviting the viewer to reflect bringing some practical examples. For example, the phone contains data concerning our person and our life: our position, our messages, the heartbeat after a race. Extremely personal, confidential and private details, data that should belong to us.

Despite the complexity of the subject the simple Apple recipe We believe that your privacy should never be something you have to question. It should be simple, direct and understood. The video ends with the claim Privacy. Thats iPhone already used in other previous commercials and Apple videos on privacy.

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