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Amazon Vinyl Week, take the week of discounts on vinyl records

The great covers, the analogical reproduction, the scratchy sound: vinyl has a unique charm that grows over time. To celebrate, the e-commerce giant is launching the fourth edition of Amazon Vinyl Week: from October 28th to November 3rd, customers will be able to find a wide selection of great albums in LP format, from the classics of Italian music to the latest rock and pop hits , with special offers and exclusive editions of colored and autographed vinyls. From here the page dedicated to Amazon Vinyl Week., for the fourth anniversary, announces the ranking of the bestseller vinyls of the year. Queen dominate the podium with Bohemian Rhapsody while their Greatest Hits take third place. The silver medal goes to Pink Floyd with Dark Side of the Moon. The Pink Floyd also conquered the fourth position of the ranking with The Division Bell followed by the grunge of Nirvana with Nevermind.

Amazon Vyinyl Week, take the week of discounts on vinyl recordsHere are the top 10 most sold vinyls during the year:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  2. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd
  3. Greatest Hits – Queen
  4. The Division Bell – Pink Floyd
  5. Nevermind – Nirvana
  6. Greatest Hits Ii – Queen
  7. IV – Led Zeppelin
  8. Start – Ligabue
  9. A Night At The Opera – Queen
  10. Legend – Bob Marley

Looking at the Italian scene, at the top of the list of's most beloved artists in 2019, we find Ligabue with Start followed by Salmo with Playlist and Emotions by Battisti. Below is the complete ranking:

Amazon Vyinyl Week, take the week of discounts on vinyl records

  1. Start Red vinyl Numbered + Ligabue photo book
  2. Psalm Playlist
  3. Emotions of Lucio Battisti
  4. Duvudub 3LP Collection Remastered by Lucio Dalla
  5. Fault of the tales of Ultimo
  6. 60 Years of Music by Ennio Morricone
  7. Machete mixtape
  8. Jova Beach Party Colorful Vinyl by Jovanotti
  9. Bricks – Night Skinny
  10. Secret Diaries Vinyl White Limited by Elisa

Amazon Vyinyl Week, take the week of discounts on vinyl recordsThe passion for vinyl crosses Italy from north to south, as shown by the ranking of the cities that bought the highest number of vinyls in 2019: Milan, Bologna, Bergamo, Pisa, Pavia, Treviso, Rome, Modena, Brescia, Perugia.

Numerous Italian artists have created exclusive editions for Levante has created a white vinyl in an exclusive, numbered and autographed edition of Magmamemoria, Ligabue has signed the Start vinyl. Here are some exclusive editions on Amazon:

Amazon Vyinyl Week, take the week of discounts on vinyl recordsMagmamemoria (Levante) double numbered and autographed white vinylStart (Ligabue) numbered and autographed white vinylTrap Lovers (Dark Polo Gang) autographed vinyl vinylIodegradable (Willie Peyote) autographed vinylIo Non Mare Dress (Francesca Michielin) autographed vinylHome (Giordana Angi) autographed vinylSphere Ebbiato autographed red vinylRapsodia in blue (Stefano Bollani) autographed vinylThe other met (Francesco Renga) autographed vinylI'm In Love With Your Husband (Cristiano Malgioglio) autographed red vinylSilver-Fast (Tiziano Ferro) orange vinylPour L'Amour (Achille Lauro) autographed vinylMaradona Y Pel (The Journalists) Vinyl 45 RPM Limited Kashmir (Cesare Cremonini) Autographed Vinyl

On the page dedicated to Vinyl Week, customers can also discover the best turntables on offer, including the Stir It Up Turntable by House of Marley, in bamboo, recyclable aluminum and Rewind fabric. During the Vinyl Week, customers will be able to buy three albums from a special selection obtaining a 20% discount on the total expense, or they will be able to buy 4 titles paying a total price of 60.

For the offers of vinyl records, turntables, the exclusive editions of the LPs of Italian artists and not only we start from this page.