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Save battery on Apple Watch: 7 useful tips for everyone, plus two for the 5 Series

As with all smartphones currently on the market, even for Apple Watch the main concern of users is battery life. in reality it is a problem not so worrying; we during our experiments and in real life, without exasperating the use of the smartwatch, we have even reached 40 hours of use, obviously without training, navigation and without resorting to exorbitant applications in terms of energy consumption. Having tested Apple Watch 5, we can say that despite the screen always on, the new model of the Apple smart watch basically manages to match the results of Apple Watch 4. If you are among those who are looking for superior autonomy, we have here are six useful tips for both of you with an Apple Watch 5.

Save battery on Apple Watch: 6 useful tips plusDial choice

The Apple Watch display uses an OLED screen and not an LCD screen. This means that black pixels consume much less energy than colored pixels. It is therefore important to minimize battery consumption, choose a dial with a predominantly black or gray background. On the contrary, choosing colored faces, viewing photos or large colored emoji will have a negative impact on autonomy. Generally speaking, the "Animation" and "Fire and water" faces are completely avoided.


Push notifications on the Apple Watch screen represent one of the most important features and functionalities for the Cupertino wearable.applewatchbatteriaIMG_8114 "width =" 272 "height =" 283 "srcset =" 346w, https: // www. 462w, 639w " sizes = "(max-width: 272px) 100vw, 272px" /> Unfortunately, for, it is precisely these that have a considerable impact on the autonomy of Apple Watch. <strong>remove push notifications for all those unimportant applications</strong> or, however, for all messages that do not need to be prioritized in the display.</p>
<p>Entering the official Apple Watch application from the iPhone, you can decide which of the apps installed on your smartphone will send notifications to the watch. It is possible to select only the most important ones, such as emails, messages and a few others, avoiding that other less important applications send notifications on Apple Watch.</p>
<p>What is still missing, the possibility of receiving message notifications only for certain contacts and not for others. In this way, with a sort of VIP setup, you could further reduce important notifications, such as emails, messages and calls, only to certain users and not to others.</p>
<h2><span id=applewatchbatteriaIMG_8115 "width =" 272 "height =" 261 "srcset =" 360w, https: // www. 480w, 639w " sizes = "(max-width: 272px) 100vw, 272px" /></strong>Deactivation and transparency</span></h2>
<p>Animations and transparencies certainly make the Apple Watch graphical interface more pleasant and more modern. It is clear, however, that prolonged use of these features may give more work to the GPU and, consequently, reduce battery life.</p>
<p>To attempt to increase the Apple Watch battery life, you can turn off these two functions. To do this, open the Apple Watch application on the iPhone and go to the accessibility menu.</p>
<h2><span id=Reduce the brightness

Save battery on Apple Watch: 6 useful tips plusLike on any smartphone or tablet the brightness that affects battery life is the most. For this, even on Apple Watch You can reduce the brightness to increase the battery life. There are two ways to reach the goal. The first is to open the Apple Watch application from the iPhone, choose the Luminosity hub and minimize the slider. This result can also be achieved by Apple Watch by pressing the digital crown, going to Settings, and selecting the brightness option. There are three levels available: minimum, average and maximum. Choose minimum (default Apple Watch dictated on media)


The quality display on Apple Watch is one of the most obvious features, with bright colors that stand out at first sight. Unfortunately, for the same display, the one that most negatively affects battery life. It takes energy to display brilliant colors on screen and, for this reason, precisely by eliminating them that you will be able to save battery. By activating the grayscale mode, in fact, it is possible to save Apple Watch battery.

This setting is actually created specifically for people who have difficulty opening up color differences. To activate the grayscale mode, simply open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and open Accessibility, and then activate the gray options.

The dial in the standard settings

The grayscale selection

The grayscale dial

Low consumption

Save battery on Apple Watch: 6 useful tips plus

It is probably the function that, more than any other, saves AppleWatch battery: low consumption option. When you are still away from home, without the possibility of recharging your smartwatch, you can turn Apple Watch into a common watch, without a smart function.

The low consumption option is activated by going to the main "face", showing the control center and touching the element with the percentage of the battery.

Remember that in low power mode you will only have one watch. The function will also turn off the screen when you raise your wrist. To view the time you will need to press either the button or the crown or touch the screen.

To exit low power mode, you need to hold down the side key. Apple Watch will restart

Turn off the GPS

In Apple Watch it is not possible to turn off the GPS, but you can disable it for the training function. Go to iPhone in General -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Apple Watch session and select "Never". At that point, Apple Watch will not record, for example, the routes made to read the data coming from the GPS while you are training.

Apple Watch 5: turn off "activate the screen when you raise your wrist"

Save battery on Apple Watch: 6 useful tips plusNormally Apple Watch 5 has the screen always on. As we have written elsewhere there are no substantial differences in battery life compared to Apple Watch 4, but if you want to try to further reduce consumption or experience abnormal consumption, you can turn off the "Activate the screen when you raise your wrist" function. Obviously this trick can also be applied to all previous Apple Watch, but having the screen always off and activated only at very inconvenient command because we will never have the time visible; for Apple Watch 5, on the other hand, thanks to the always-on display you will have the readability of the time in every situation without problems and also of all the complications (including if foreseen by the face, appointments, weather, etc.) this while the Apple Watch 5 will remain in low-power mode. What you will lose will be the instant readability of the notifications (you will hear it vibrate but you will have to turn on the display with a tap or by turning the crown). To deactivate the function: settings -> General -> Activate screen -> Raise "Activate the screen when you raise your wrist"

Save battery on Apple Watch: 6 useful tips plusApple Watch 5: turn off the screen function always on

Apple Watch 5, as known, stands out for having the screen always on. Although Apple claims that this does not affect battery life, it does so by making a comparison with Apple Watch 4. An Apple Watch 5 with the how to activate the screen when the arm is lifted off, will in any case have greater autonomy than the always on mode. To turn off the "always on" go to Settings -> Display and brightness -> Always on: no.

At this point you will actually have an Apple Watch 4 on your wrist (although your Apple Watch 5 will still have the advantage of the compass not present in Apple Watch 4), but the battery will no doubt last longer.

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