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First reviews Apple TV +: TV series rejected and those not to be missed

Apple offered preview access to its new streaming TV service to major US cinemas and shows: in the first reviews of Apple TV + published in the US, positive reviews emerge for several of the first Cupertino productions in this sector, but also some show rejections costing millions of dollars in which important stars of the show in the USA and in the world are protagonists.

We remind you that Apple TV + will be available in Italy and dozens of other countries in the world starting from November 1st, with a free trial period of one week for everyone. Subscription costs 4.99 euros per month but those who purchased iPhone, iPad, Mac or an Apple TV from September 10, 2019 the first year of free subscription.

Being TV series of very different genres the ratings vary a lot based also on the various titles, in any case in the first Apple TV + reviews emerge titles that certainly deserve to be seen, others instead whose vision recommended only for fans of the genre or even completely avoided people who prefer to concentrate on a limited number of high quality shows.

Start the countdown for Apple TV +: also in Italy arrives on November 1stAmong the most appreciated and recommended TV series, as from Variety, there is undoubtedly that of alternative science fiction For All Mankind in which the Russians arrived first on the Moon, while the US is scrambling to catch up with space missions and on the Moon with crews entirely composed of women.

Apple TV +, here is the trailer of the Dickinson series with Hailee SteinfeldIn general, the opinions on Dickinson are also positive, the TV series that tells the life, the deeds and the works of the timeless poet Emily Dickinson with both biographical and historical style and from black comedy. To watch also The Elephant Queen, documentary film set in Africa that tells the vicissitudes of Athena, matriarch of elephants that struggles to save the family when they are forced to leave their water source.

Start the countdown for Apple TV +: also in Italy arrives on November 1stConversely, most of the first Apple TV + reviews seem to have unwelcome two of the most important TV productions of Cupertino, both from the point of view of the dedicated multi-millionaire budget, and characterized by the presence of leading stars in the world of cinema and entertainment. This applies for example to The Morning Show which tells of the rivalries and competition between US television journalists for the morning show, starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Whiterspoon and Steve Carrel.

Apple TV +, increase the budget for original contentOverall negative judgments also for See, science fiction series starring the colossal Jason Momoa who due to the huge budget and ambitions many had already compared to the Throne of Swords. Those who saw it in preview indicate several weaknesses in the plot, in the developments of the story but also numerous inconsistent narration and direction, such as The Hollywood Reporter. Naturally these are personal opinions expressed by the reviewers: some, even if in lower numbers, have also appreciated The Morning Show and See.

Some films and Apple productions will come first to the cinema than in streaming. For more information on Apple TV Plus, see this article.