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Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

The huge amount of advances proved to be correct: today Apple presents AirPods Pro, with active noise cancellation, clear and engaging sound, and new in-ear design. AirPods Pro are available in the Apple online store and in the Apple Store app starting today at a price of 279 euros and will be available in stores from Wednesday 30 October.

AirPods are the best-selling headphones in the world. The one-tap configuration experience, incredible sound and iconic design have made it a much loved Apple product, but the magic only at the beginning states Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. The new AirPods Pro in-ear have a sound that surprises thanks to adaptive equalization, they are worn comfortably thanks to flexible bearings and are equipped with the innovative modes of active noise cancellation and Transparency. I believe customers will appreciate this new entry in the AirPods family.

AirPods Pro are added to the existing AirPods line to offer an improved wireless audio experience. Each model uses advanced technology to reinvent the way people listen to music, make phone calls, watch TV shows and movies, play and interact with Siri. The simplified configuration experience of the user-loved AirPods also extends to the AirPods Pro. Once you open the charging case next to an iOS or iPadOS device, one touch is enough to instantly match AirPods Pro to all devices connected to the user's iCloud account , including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPod touch.

Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

Design all renewed

The AirPods have revolutionized wireless audio headsets with an innovative design, and now the AirPods Pro go further with a new line of lightweight in-ear headphones, designed for maximum comfort and adaptability. Each earpiece comes with soft and flexible silicone pads in three different sizes that adapt to the contours of each individual ear.

Therefore they are comfortable and do not slip from the ears, so the listening experience is more engaging. To further maximize comfort, the AirPods Pro use a new ventilation system with pressure equalization, which minimizes frequent discomfort in other in-ear headphones. AirPods Pro are resistant to sweat and water.Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation

The active noise canceling function of AirPods Pro uses two microphones combined with software for continuous adaptation to each ear and earphone. In this way the background noises are eliminated, the listening experience more personal and the listener can concentrate on the contents, whether it is his favorite song or a conversation on the phone.

The first microphone facing outwards and detects the external sound by analyzing the ambient noise. The AirPods Pro therefore produce an opposite opposite sound which cancels the background noise before adding the listener's ear. A second microphone facing the interior perceives the sounds transmitted towards the ear, and the AirPods procancellano the residual noise detected by the microphone. The noise cancellation continuously adapts the audio signal 200 times per second.

Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

Enveloping sound

The AirPods Pro offer superior sound quality thanks to adaptive equalization, which automatically adjusts the low and medium frequencies of the music based on the shape of the single ear, for an immersive listening experience.

A specially designed high dynamic range amplifier produces pure and crystal clear sound, while prolonging battery life, and speaker distortion and high excursion drivers designed to optimize audio quality and remove background noise. The driver provides rich bass up to 20 Hz and detailed sound in both high frequencies and the midrange range.

Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

Transparency mode

The Transparency mode, also available in the Apple Beats Solo Pro headphones, offers the possibility of listening to your favorite songs without losing the sounds of the surrounding environment: ideal for alerting traffic sounds while jogging or station announcements while waiting for the train. Thanks to the ventilation system with pressure equalization and a software that activates the right amount of noise cancellation, the Transparency mode ensures that the voice is natural even if you wear headphones and preserve a superior listening experience.

Switching from active noise cancellation to Simple Transparency mode and you can do it directly on AirPods Pro using a pressure sensor on the stem. The pressure sensor also allows you to play, pause or skip tracks with extreme simplicity, and answer or hang up calls. Users can also press the volume slider in the Control Center on the iPhone and iPad to check the settings, or on the Apple Watch by tapping the AirPlay icon while the music is playing.

Apple unveils AirPods Pro with improved design and sound and noise cancellation

Performance and autonomy

The compact dimensions and performance of the Pro AirPods are made possible by a new SiP (System in Package) design with an H1 chip designed by Apple. LH1 equipped with 10 audio cores and performs numerous operations, to direct the sound to activate Siri. The low latency of audio processing of the Apple H1 chip allows you to cancel noise in real time, offer high quality sound through adaptive technology and make requests to Siri without using your hands.

The AirPods Pro have the same autonomy as the AirPods, for five hours of uninterrupted listening. In active noise canceling mode, the AirPods Pro offer up to four and a half hours of listening and up to three and a half hours of conversation on a single charge. With some extra charging through the wireless charging case, you get over 24 hours of listening or over 18 hours of talk time. To recharge them, simply place the AirPods case on a Qi certified charging mat or use the Lightning port when you are away from home.

Prices and Availability

The new AirPods Pro will be available for 279 euros and can be ordered in the Apple online store and via the Apple Store app in the US and in over 25 other countries and geographical areas. Deliveries of AirPods Pro will begin on Wednesday, October 30th and will be available in stores this week: it varies depending on the country and region. The pre-orders AirPods Pro are already available also in Italy starting from this page of the Apple Store online.