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$ 200 million for innovative ideas in iPad programs

$ 200 million for innovative ideas in iPad programs –

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iFund, the financing fund that supports the development of applications for the Apple mobile platform, goes from 100 million to 200 million dollars. To announce the doubling of the capital available to independent companies and developers to create innovative programs, a press release released this evening by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers who manages the fund itself.

The decision to increase the money earmarked for investment by 100%, says the press release, essentially centered around the launch of the iPad, a device that the investment company looks at with great confidence. "We expect – said John Doerr, one of KPCB's partners – that all the companies we invest in have an iPad strategy. We will work in this field and the iFund will accelerate their success. " According to KPCB, the iPhone has changed the course of innovation in the sector of the use of content in mobile computing and the iPad, the next wave

The iFund was launched in 2008 with the intention of supporting the development of iPhone applications by collecting, thanks to the companies in which it placed its money, 100 million in turnover and 100 million downloads with 18 titles among the first 10 on the App Store. Among the entities that have benefited from the funding are GOGII (TextPlus). Pinger, Shazam, Booyah, ngmoco.

KPCP announces that the companies supported by iFund already have 20 iPad applications in progress, 11 of which will be available on April 3.

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