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2 GHz PC at bargain prices

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2 GHz PC at bargain prices –

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Most powerful Celeron processors for the PC world.

Intel has in fact released at the end of last week a new series of these chips particularly popular in the world of Wintel in the economic range.

These are 2.1 and 2.2 GHz versions that stand out for a particularly attractive price for manufacturers: 89 and 103 dollars. Thanks to these new chips and the consequent cost reduction of the previous models it will become possible to see on the market 2 GHz machines with prices that on the American market will not exceed $ 400. Computers from established brands with 2 GHz Celeron processors and above will not go above $ 600.

Recall that the Celeron, despite the 2 GHz speed, remains a significantly slower processor than the Pentium. It has a 256kb cache (against the 512 of the Pentium 4) and a 400 Mhz data bus, against the 533 of the latest model of the high-end processor.

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