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160,000 Nintendo accounts have been hacked in recent days

Before Nintendo relied on its new online service for Switch, the company relied on the system known as Nintendo Network ID (NNID). Unfortunately, it appears that hackers somehow managed to gain access to at least 160,000 NNID accounts, of which they managed to steal login IDs, passwords and other user information stored in those profiles.

The good news is that if you used a completely different password between NNID and your Nintendo account, then the latter could be safe. On the contrary, those who used the same password for the two services could risk unauthorized access.

160,000 Nintendo accounts have been hacked in recent days

Nintendo has confirmed the account violation and has stated that they will block access to NNID. Since then they have also contacted customers who may have been affected by this violation and are also asking users to enable two-factor authentication to better protect their accounts.

If you have not received warnings from Nintendo, there is a good chance that you have not been affected by these violations, but it may be a good idea to change your login information and enable two-factor authentication.

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