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15 best OnePlus 6 accessories you can buy today

15 best OnePlus 6 accessories you can buy today

OnePlus 6 an excellent smartphone and it seems that OnePlus has yet another winner in its hands. The device sports a splendid 6, 28-inch optical AMOLED display, 6 GB of RAM, 64 GB of ROM and powered by the latest generation Snapdragon 845 chipset. There is really nothing to dislike here. If you have decided to purchase this flagship killer, we have fantastic accessories that will further enhance your OnePlus 6 experience. These accessories will help you get the most out of your OnePlus 6, keeping it safe and secure. So, here are the top 15 OnePlus 6 accessories you can buy today:

The best OnePlus 6 accessories you can buy today

1. Bundle Dual Protection OnePlus 6

The first accessory on this list is a OnePlus double protection bundle. The double protection bundle allows you to choose two cases from a list of four different cases. You have the option of choose between the shiny and modern Karbon case or the iconic OnePlus Sandstone case and the extra protective silicone case or the flip cover case . I prefer the Sandstone and the silicone case but you can choose any combination you want. These cases not only give your OnePlus 6 a unique look, but also protect it when it matters. If you want to check even more surprising cases for OnePlus 6, consult our detailed article on OnePlus 6 cases and covers.

Buy from OnePlus: $ 42.65

2. Olixar Flexishield OnePlus 6 gel case

If you are a fan of clear cases, check out the Oishiar Flexishield gel case for OnePlus 6, which offers a simple and minimalist design, and keeps your OnePlus 6 beautiful and scratch-free. The case is also very thin, which means it doesn't add much volume to your device. However, remember that this case will not be able to provide as much as impact protection from one of the four cases mentioned above. This is only for users who don't like bulky cases and just want something that can protect their device against normal wear and tear from everyday use, scratches and marks.

Buy from Olixar: $ 8.33

3. Skin OnePlus 6 from Dbrand

If you are someone who hates cases no matter how thin they are but still want to provide some form of protection to your device, this product will make you truly happy. Dbrand a company that produces exquisite looking 3M skins for smartphones and has just created the OnePlus 6 line of skins. There are a lot of different types of skins you can choose from including carbon fiber, camo, dragon, metal, stone, leather, wood and more . Each category of leathers in turn offers different color options. The best thing you can even mix and match skins from different categories to create your own custom skin. Dbrand skins will not only protect your OnePlus 6 from scratches and scrapes but will also allow you to differentiate your OnePlus 6 from other OnePlus 6 devices.

Buy from Dbrand: starts at $ 11.95

4. OnePlus 6 3D tempered glass screen protector

Buying a skin or a case only protects the back of OnePlus 6. If you also want to protect that display from almost 6, 2 inches without a frame, you need to buy a good screen protector. Luckily, OnePlus itself is a good screen protector for OnePlus 6 and you absolutely have to buy it. The advantage of buying the OnePlus screen protector that offers a protection from edge to edge thanks to its CNC engraving and cast 3D design . It means that the screen protector curves along the edges and completely covers the OnePlus 6 display, without leaving any part exposed. This is one of the best if not the best screensaver you can buy for your OnePlus 6. However, if you want cheaper options, you can consult our detailed article on OnePlus 6 screen protectors which will give you more options to choose from. .

Buy from OnePlus: $ 19.95

5. OnePlus 6 Bullet V2 headphones

One of the disadvantages of buying a device from OnePlus is the fact that headphones are not shipped with smartphones. However, they allow you to purchase a discreet pair of earphones at an extremely low price. So if you are thinking of purchasing a new pair of earbuds to accompany your OnePlus 6, OnePlus Bullet V2 is a great choice for you. I personally use Bullet V2 with my old OnePlus 3 and love their audio quality. One of the best parts of using Bullet V2 which are very light despite having a very punchy and good sound quality . You should definitely buy it.

Buy from Amazon: $ 39.97

6. OnePlus Bullets Wireless

While OnePlus 6 leaked so many times that we knew everything about the device even before it was launched, OnePlus surprised us with the launch of a new pair of wireless earbuds. The new Bullets Wireless earphones not only look sweet, they also offer a lot of features like magnetic controls, sweat and rain resistance, aluminum alloy construction, stretch-resistant cables, in-line controls and more . However, my favorite feature of Wireless Bullets is the fact that OnePlus 6 made it compatible with the dashboard. It means that you will get 5 hours of audio playback on just 10 minutes of charging. Yes, let that fact sink in and when it does, go and buy it immediately.

Buy from OnePlus: $ 69

7. PowerLocus wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones

While most of us will be happy with both Bullet V2 and Bullets Wireless, some users don't like in-ear headphones and prefer the comfort and noise cancellation of over ear headphones. In this case, take a look at this PowerLocus Bluetooth stereo headset with over-ear headphones. First of all, the headphones look absolutely gorgeous and have many beautiful colors . Secondly, they offer excellent audio quality thanks to the combination of Dynamic Power Sound and HD audio technology that offers flawless backing tracks and very good highs and mids. Finally, the headphones are also inexpensive and would not spoil your bank.

Buy from Amazon: $ 23.99

8. Anker PowerCore II 20000

When it comes to recommending a power bank, I always prefer Anker products as I have been using their power banks for some time and they have never let me down. Probably my favorite Anker power bank is their PowerCore II which carries a capacity of 20,000 mAh enough to charge your OnePlus 6 from zero to one hundred percent at least five times . The thing I love most about PowerCore II which supports fast charging which allows you to charge your OnePlus 6 fairly quickly. Finally, I also like the fact that it is very compact and can even be placed inside the pockets, which makes it very easy to carry.

Buy from Amazon: $ 49.99

9. Anker Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Type-C car charger

Another Anker accessory to consider for your OnePlus 6 is the Anker USB car charger that provides 4X faster charging than standard car chargers and can charge up to 80% compatible devices in just 35 minutes . I also like the fact that you have 3 USB-A and 1 USB-C charging ports that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The charger is also very compact and easy to carry. one of the best car chargers you can buy for your OnePlus 6.

Buy from Amazon: $ 29.99

10. OnePlus fast charging car charger

If you don't trust third party charging accessories and just want to buy official OnePlus chargers, the OnePlus Fast Charging Car Charger just for you. Since this is a OnePlus accessory, you know that you are getting a fast charging experience. The car charger can charge your OnePlus 6 from zero to sixty percent in just 30 minutes . The loader was made from a single anodized aluminum sheet. Its soft curvature and recognizable black finish make the OnePlus fast-charging car charger just as pleasant to see as to use.

Buy from OnePlus: $ 29.95

11. Type C charging dock from Encased

I love loading docks while making a perfect bedside companion. After you finish using OnePlus 6 for the day, simply slide it over the charging base and you will be charged 100% when you are ready to go. With the charging dock in place, you have one less cable to worry about. Personally I keep the OnePlus 6 charger supplied in the bag package for all my travel needs and charge the phone at home using the charging base. The best part of the Encased charging dock is that offers an adjustable type c port that allows you to recharge the device even with the case insert. Finally, you can use the charging base to synchronize data between OnePlus 6 and the computer as it also supports data transfer.

Buy from Amazon: $ 19.99

12. WGGE METAL USB C 3.1 cable from type C to type C

Nobody can deny the fact that Type C doors are the future. In addition to the connivance that comes from their reversible nature, there are many other advantages of using a type C door. Not only do they take up less space on a device, they can also provide faster data and faster charging speeds . If you really want to take advantage of the Type-C port on your OnePlus 6, you should purchase a Type-C to Type-C cable. Regardless of whether you own a Type-C compatible PC or use Anker PowerCore II, which also uses type C power, always useful to have a type C cable in the backpack.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.98

13. iXCC USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter

Since OnePlus 6 supports USB OTG, you can use pen-drives to transport and listen to multimedia files on your device, that is, if you have the right adapter. This USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter will allow you to connect your pen-drive to your OnePlus 6. Once you have connected the adapter to your OnePlus 6 and connect a storage medium to the other end of the connector, you will be able to transfer files between the two. One of the best uses of this is to download your photos and multimedia content to an external media storage device, thus freeing up the storage space on your OnePlus 6 . When you purchase this, you get two miniaturized USB Type-C OTG connectors, which is good, since even if you lose one, you can use the second one to continue.

Buy from Amazon: $ 5.99

14. SanDisk Ultra 128GB Dual Drive

If you don't like to bring adapters and you want a storage device that can be connected directly to OnePlus 6 and to the PC, this is just the accessory for you. The SanDisk Dual Drive carries a USB-C connector and a USB-A connector, which allows you to easily transfer media files between your PC and OnePlus 6 . The fact that it also has a large 128 GB capacity gives you the flexibility to carry the entire media library that you can enjoy anywhere. However, if you don't need such a high capacity, the product is also available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB configurations. This is one of my favorite accessories and I recommend it to everyone.

Buy from Amazon: $ 38.93

15. Anker Air Vent magnetic car holder

The last accessory on the list is a must for all car owners out there. Anker's Air Vent magnetic car holder allows you to mount your OnePlus 6 on your car and access it easily for hands-free calling and browsing . The car mount uses four powerful N42 neodymium magnets which are integrated into the mounting head and ensure that your OnePlus 6 remains securely attached throughout the unit. The holder also carries a highly flexible ball joint that allows you to adjust viewing angles indefinitely. I also like the fact that, although such a versatile and premium accessory, it is quite cheap and does not cost much.

Buy from Amazon: $ 9.99

Enhance your OnePlus 6 experience with these fantastic accessories

Our list of the best OnePlus 6 accessories that you can buy ends. We have tried to cover all the main accessories that can make your OnePlus 6 more joyful to use. Let us know which one is your favorite. Also, if you have a great suggestion for the OnePlus 6 accessory, enter the product name and link in the comments section below.