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15 Apps that simplify the life of Freelancers

15 Apple for Freelancers, to simplify the management of time and commitments.

If the company organization is one of the most important aspects for the efficiency of a company, even for the large number of freelancers (or freelancers if you prefer) spending time organizing your commitments has become a real job, but a necessary condition to be always ready, and on the piece. To save time and obviously money, they can ask for help with technology: but what are the programs, apps and tricks to simplify the life of freelancers? Here are the 15 apps you can't miss.

ORGANIZE WRITINGEvernote, the ideal program for those who work on a story or a story especially when they have an endless series of articles, emails and other documents to consult and put together. Capturing screenshots, sharing documents and synchronizing phone and computer are his strong points. Scrivener, the ideal writing tool for those who use sources on which to base their article or essay. It allows you to divide the screen into two and have the source from which we are inspired and in the other half the draft of the essay we are working on.

KEEP DISTRACTIONS AWAYOrganization also means knowing how to manage time, but above all not losing it. One of the biggest problems of freelancers is that they often fall into unproductive distractions, such as the Internet. Instead thanks to Freedom, software designed to prevent access to the Internet for as long as you wish, being able to concentrate only on the job will be easier, considering the fact that the program also acts on the smartphone, so it is impossible to undo it. But how much can you work continuously? According to some studies, no more than 25 continuous minutes and therefore either bet a timer, the one in the kitchen or the mobile phone makes no difference, or you can try . For the more daring, on the other hand, there is a more cruel system, but in some ways very educational, Write or Die: after a certain amount of time you do not write, it starts to delete the text you have been working on. To be used with caution!

KEEP YOUR OWN FINANCES IN ORDEREven accounting is often a nuisance for the freelancer. For many set up a business invoice, if you fall into this category, then Harvest is for you; if instead the problem the order and the filing, better to use something more specific like Aynax. For all those who need to send collaboration or other contracts, they can take advantage of the simplicity of TinyScanner or the simplicity of HelloSign, a Gmail add-on to sign contracts digitally saving time, paper and ink. For those who want a 360-degree accounting system that can also make your accountant interact without having to waste time going to his office with all the documents, used FreshBooks.

TO REGISTER AND WRITESome tools you can't miss are TapeACall, iPhone app, which saves exportable recordings in just a few steps wherever you want. Call Recorder great for recording on Skype, just click start when we want to start recording, simple and super reliable. Even Scrivener is right for us because while we listen and send the audio file back and forth to one side, we can write our draft on the other.

FOR SCANDENCES AND REMINDERSAmong the many commitments of a freelancer it is easy to forget an appointment or a delivery. Luckily for every eventuality. Try Wunderlist, will allow you to synchronize your schedule on the various devices you have and you can also set a sound when you have fulfilled your commitment. Many could also use it to send her husband to do the shopping by updating the list comfortably from the sofa. In this sense other interesting tools are anylist or Dayboard, extension of Chrome, that with every new tab or window that you open in the browser you will be notified of the commitments you have noted in your daily to-do-list: a right mix between reconciliation and loss for the deadlines.

15 apps