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12 Android N Cheats and hidden features to unlock

12 Android N Cheats and hidden features to unlock

Android N arrived and offers some really interesting features and changes from Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, along with the added features, there are a lot of hidden features waiting to be unlocked. If you are using Android N at the moment, you may have found some interesting new tricks, but chances are you haven't learned everything. Furthermore, Google has manipulated some settings and can be difficult to find. Well, don't worry, because here are all the hidden features and tips and tricks of Android N that you should know:

1. Set custom DPI

It is no longer necessary to root the Android device to set a custom DPI, since Android N natively supports it. To change the DPI on Android N, go to Settings-> Display-> Display Size and you can choose between Small, Default, Large, Bigger and Bigger . The good thing that DPI change works at the system level and not just text.

2. Enter emergency information

Android N lets you add your emergency information, to which can be accessed directly from the lock screen . Thus, in the event of an accident, a stranger would be able to access emergency information and get help. To add your emergency information, go to Settings-> Users-> Emergency Information . You can add information such as an emergency contact, your blood type, address, etc.

3. Drag and drop the text into multiple windows

The multitasking on Android N is a really interesting addition and allows you to drag and drop text from one app to another in the multi window mode. This is still a rudimentary feature, as it seems to work only in some apps and on small amounts of text. But the fact that it is present suggests that Google is going to improve things with later builds.

To use it, that's enough select the text from an app and press the text again to move the text to the app on the other side .

4. Enable the system UI tuner

The System Tuner user interface is a set of experimental features and options, which arrived on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and with Android N, and offers some more interesting tricks. System UI Tuner on Android N offers features such as night mode, display calibration, gestures for multiple windows and more. Take a look at our detailed post on how to unlock System UI Tuner options in Android N, to know all about its fantastic features.

5. Apply the apps at the top of the Share menu

If you have installed many apps, finding your app in the sharing menu can be annoying. With this in mind, Android N allows us to pin our favorite apps to the top of the sharing menu. You that's enough press the app you want to lock in the sharing menu and you will get the option " Pin ". Once finished, you will see the app locked at the top of the sharing menu.

6. Add numbers to the Call Block list

Android N has finally introduced the long awaited call barring and screening feature and been done perfectly. An added number in the blocked block list also by more apps on the device and the service provider. However, the option to add numbers to the blocked call list buried in the dialer app. To block numbers, go to the dialer app is push the button to three points top right and go up Settings-> Call barring .

7. Enable the notification LED

Android's LED notifications are quite interesting, but surprisingly, Android N has LED notifications disabled by default. So you will have to enable it manually. To do this, go up Settings-> Notifications and press the icon of the cog settings top right. Therefore, active simply "Pulse notification light" .

8. Block notifications from an app directly from the notification center

With Android N, you can block notifications of an app directly from the shadow of the notification. To do it. swipe the app notification a little to the left or right and touch the gear icon that appears or you can simply hold down on the notification . So, you'll get the options " Show silent notifications " is " Block all notifications ". You can select the option you prefer and touch" Done ". You can also touch" Other settings "for more options like" Hide sensitive content "and" Replace do not disturb ".

9. App Whitelist in data saving mode

Android N offers a fantastic new Data Saver mode, which limits activities in the background and those in the foreground to reduce data costs. But if you want an application to use background data without restriction, you can do it. To authorize apps in Data Saver mode, go to Settings-> Data usage-> Data saving-> Unlimited access to data is enable apps a which you do not want to be restricted.

10. Disable unnecessary sounds

Everyone does not like to hear dial tones, reload, screen lock and touch sounds, so you can easily disable them. However, Google has decided to bury this option in Settings. To turn off these sounds, go to Android N Settings-> Sounds -> Other sounds .

Also, if you want to play mono sound, Android N includes the ability to always play mono sound in Settings-> Sounds.

11. Use multiple languages

If you are bilingual or multilingual, Android N is covered. Unlike its predecessors, Android N allows you to add multiple languages ​​in the language preference settings. Several Google apps like Google Search already make good use of this feature by allowing search in multiple languages . You can simply add new languages ​​by going to Settings-> Language and input-> Language . You can add as many languages ​​as you want, but the main language of the device will remain the language that the first in the list. However, you can easily move languages ​​up and down.

12. Terminate DND with alarms

Do not disturb a very useful feature on Android, but we have encountered problems with alarms. Well, Google has made sure to make improvements to DND with Android N. now you can make sure that when an alarm is triggered, the DND mode is automatically deactivated. To enable this option, go to one of the rules in Settings-> Sounds -> Do Not Disturb -> Automatic Rules is active "The alarm can cancel the end time".

There is also a new option " Visual interruptions "in Sounds -> Do not disturb, which allows you to block notifications that pop up when the screen active o block notifications when the display is turned on, when the DND mode is activated.

Do you like these tricks for Android N and hidden features?

Android N is becoming a big update and only the first version of Developer Preview. These are some fantastic hidden features and tricks that Android N contains along with the main features we've already talked about. Google plans to publish a new preview every month until the final version and we can expect more features to be added with these updates. And we will make sure that we continue to update this list to incorporate any hidden features or Android N trick. So stay tuned and let us know how you like these Android N. tricks.