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101 in 1 Games: 101 games in one App for iPhone and touch

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101 in 1 Games: 101 games in one App for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Car racing, various target shooting games, concentration games like sodoku, an endless series of arcade and platform games: the list of mini games included in the 101 in 1 Games title can go on and on. The title of the program says it all: in a single App for iPhone and touch we find 101 games included. For the most demanding users, we immediately point out that 101 complete and extended games cannot and cannot be expected. Mostly in 101 in 1 Games we find a large selection of hit and run games but with such a wide choice in which practically any player can find different titles to his liking.

However, it should be borne in mind that 101 in 1 Games is the conversion for iPhone and touch of a cartridge that has long been available for Nintendo DS. Some users assure that the gaming experience and controls are better on the iPhone and touch thanks to the touch-sensitive screen compared to the use of the stylus on the pocket console. Last but not least the price: on iPhone and touch 101 in 1 Games it can be purchased at a fraction of the cartridge price. Finally, a note: at the beginning there are 10 games available: it is up to the player to collect points in these titles in order to then double-tap the other mini games available.

101 in 1 Games offered for € 2.39 on the App Store.

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