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Several new laptops branded Xiaomi and Redmi are coming: as many as six models have just been certified by Bluetooth SIG. As usual these documents do not offer us a lot of juicy information, but at least we have the names from which it can be deduced that at least two laptops will mount AMD processors. Here is what they will be called and the corresponding model codes:

Certification sources: 1 | 2 | 3

As you can see from the screenshots, the variants are very numerous: they probably indicate all the various combinations of colors, RAM, internal storage and any other components that can be configured by the user. Another interesting fact to note is that the Mi Laptop 13.3 offers connectivity Bluetooth 5.1, while all the others stop at 5.0: it is probably an indication of a connectivity chipset different from all the others.

For the rest, everything is still shrouded in mystery; you can still expect the latest generation of processors and, who knows, maybe some SUPER presentation RTX. We await further clarification on what appears to be a rather massive offensive by the Chinese manufacturer.