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10 useful Google Docs add-ons to use

10 useful Google Docs add-ons to use

Google Docs offers a solid set of tools to easily create and manage professional documents, but not all it has to offer. Not many people are aware that Google Docs supports third-party add-ons that bring additional functionality, which is one of the reasons why many similar online word processing tools cannot be compared to it. There are hundreds of add-ons available for Google Docs that make it easier to edit documents. Well, don't be surprised anymore, as we are listing the 10 Google Docs add-ons that will surely improve your experience with Google Docs and help you create professional documents with ease.

1. Index

The index is the most important part of any long document. Take a quick look at what characterizes the document, so that you can easily navigate to the desired location. With the Table of Contents add-on, you can create a complete index of your document and also add direct links to headers in an instant.

The add-on shows the content in the right sidebar and anyone can click on the titles to access it quickly. You will need to format the document correctly for the Table of Contents to work, such as specifying the correct header names (header 1 or 2) for each header. In addition, the table of contents also works a little slower on very large documents. In my tests. it took 2-3 seconds to move to a header position in a 4000+ word document.

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2. SAS Write Reviewer

The task of SAS Writing Reviser to help you review your document and make it more effective. Not a tool to help non-native English users to write better without grammatical errors. Instead, it helps you find different types of words and phrases which can make the document better or worse. You can use these tips to improve your document. Of course, this tool requires a good knowledge of the rules of the language.

It can identify passive voice, repeated words, vague words, weak verbs, useless words. parallelism, simple sentences, transitions, fragments and more. The add-on offers you fast global statistics to give you an idea of ​​how well-written a document is. With access to so much knowledge, you can easily review a document and correct things that need to be fixed.

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3. Highlight tool

Although Google Docs comes with a built-in highlight tool, it allows you to highlight text in different colors, rather limited. Highlight the add-on tool makes highlighting very simple and adds tons of features to give you total control. In addition to the ability to highlight text in different colors, you can also give names to the highlights, so you know what each highlighter color means. In addition, you can also export all highlighted text to another document, perfect for quickly moving random text from one document.

You can create multiple highlights and save them in the highlighters library for future use. In addition, all the highlighters created can be shared with other people, so they can use them.

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4. Translate

As the name suggests, this add-on allows you to translate text into a document in another language with a few clicks. Translate provided by Google Translate and allows you to translate content from the right sidebar. All you need to do is highlight the text you would like to translate and re-read automatically the language and provide the supported languages ​​to translate into.

Just click on "Translate" and all the text will be highlighted in the sidebar to easily see the translated text. You can then copy / paste the translated text wherever you want, or click on the "Insert" button below to replace the original text with the translated text. Unfortunately, the add-on only supports 5 languages, English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. Although Google Translate supports over 100 languages.

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5. Pupil

Google Docs has an integrated option to change the background of your document to make it easier on the eye. The Pupil Pref add-on allows you to use the same functionality as Google Docs, but with the aim of simplifying document processing. Pupil Pref offers 16 different colors to choose from, based on Prof Arnold Wilkins' research, which have proven themselves lighter on the eyesthus making your job easy.

All colors are listed in the sidebar and you can quickly switch between colors. You can also return to the default white color by clicking on the "Remove color" button. The colors listed here are all light colors and if you are looking for a dark background color for a darker environment, you will need to respect the default Google Docs background color changer.

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6. DocSecrets

Not all the content of the document intended to be revealed to anyone who reads it or be around for anyone to hack. Documents can contain passwords, account IDs, confidential information and other types of sensitive data. DocSecret allows you to add encrypted content within your documents that can only be opened with a passphrase that only you will know (or the people you share it with).

Just create a sentence and start writing sensitive content in the DocSecrets sidebar. When you click on "Insert" the sentence will be inserted at the cursor position. The encrypted content will be added and colored randomly to differentiate. You can only see the content text within the DocSecrets panel. Note that encrypted content cannot be restored if you forget your passphrase.

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7. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is actually a search engine based on the calculation that brings information to queries that can be calculated . This add-on allows you to add all the computing power of Wolfram Alpha to the Google Docs sidebar. If you are looking for something here, the add-on will show you calculable results such as size, weight, distance, radius and other similar data. This should come in handy if you're looking to add computable details in a technical document.

For example, if we search for "Earth" in it, instead of saying what the earth is; shows the distance between sun and earth, orbital period, mass and age, etc. All this information is now in your hands thanks to the Wolfram Alpha add-on for Google Docs.

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8. ezNotifications

The ezNotifications add-on is still in beta, but it looks promising already. The add-on brings you notifications for all changes made by other contributors in a document. You can set schedules for when you want to be notified with the minimum option once every hour. There is also the "Owner Options" section, which allows you to configure whether other collaborators (including editors and visitors) should receive notifications or not.

The free add-on for now, but "Owner Options" will be stuck behind a paywall after the beta phase. Instant notifications for title changes have already been added and I think instant notifications for other changes will be added soon.

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9. Font Extensis

If you haven't noticed, it's quite difficult to access all the fonts available in Google Docs. you need to click 2-3 times and then go through the characters, as it takes at least a second to scroll and open new ones. If you use different fonts extensively, you need to get the Extensis Fonts add-on which simplifies the process. Open all 1200+ fonts offered by Google, making it very easy to navigate and apply the required fonts.

You can see the characters by category and also sort them by date, popularity or alphabetically. The preview size can also be adjusted if necessary.

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10. Lucidchart diagrams

Diagrams play an important role in most detailed documents. If you need to create and add a diagram in Google Docs, Lucidchart Diagrams is the best tool. Once added, it allows you to create different types of diagrams, including Venn, flow chart, organization chart, floor plan, mind map, Android, circuit and more. The diagram templates will open in the Lucidchart editor and you can easily edit them by dragging and dropping them.

Some models are locked in the free version and you can only add 60 items. You will need to upgrade to paid packages from $ 4.95 / month to access all the features. All your created diagrams will be saved in Google Drive and you can access them using the Lucidchart Diagrams add-on.

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Enhance your Google Docs functionality with these add-ons

Add-ons are the best way to increase your productivity on Google Docs. We have tried to cover some of the most useful Google Docs add-ons and many of them are free. I will personally suggest you try SAS Writing Reviser for its incredible review features and Pupil Pref if you have to stay glued to the screen while you work. If you know any other Google Docs add-ons, share them with us in the comments section below.