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10 tricks for video calls with Zoom

10 tricks for video calls with Zoom

A handbook of straightforward practices and shortcuts to make the most of the potential of video calling software

zoom tricks(Photo: Zoom)

There is no doubt that Zoom is one of the applications of the moment to make group video calls to stay in touch with colleagues working on telework as well as with friends. This software is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its ease of use and universality.

We have choosen ten practical tricks to make the most of its potential. For the moment Zoom not yet in Italian so we report any entries in English.

1 – Mute the microphone on the fly: Just hold down the space bar to temporarily turn off the microphone when using Zoom from your computer. Otherwise, Cmd + Shift + A from Mac and Alt + A from pc;

2 – Turn off the camera: very simple with the shortcut Cmd + Shift + V for Mac and Alt + V for pc;

3 – Set the beauty filter: from computer go to Settings> Video> Touch up my appearance. From smartphone it is found in the Meetings menu;

4 – Organize a meeting by inviting on the fly – on Mac press Cmd + I, on Windows you need to press Alt + I. A quick link window will open to share the invitation url via your email service. Or, if you have contacts already saved on Zoom, there is the tab for quick selection. To copy the link even more easily, go to Settings> General> Copy invitation url to clipboard once the meeting starts;

5 – Record the video of the meeting: very easy with keyboard shortcuts. From Mac with Cmd + Shift + R and from PC with Alt + R while with Cmd + Shift + P and Alt + P you can pause and resume;

6 – Share the screen: one of the most useful functions in case of business meetings, online lessons, remote technical assistance and so on. From Mac just press Cmd + Shift + S and from PC Alt + Shift + S;

7 – Show the names of the participants: to avoid bad looks, you can view the identity of the contacts under each video stream from Settings> Video> Always display participants name on their video;

8 – Meeting reminders: a very useful function to be activated on the app for Android and iPhone from Settings> Meeting especially for the most careless;

9 – Integra Zoom in Slack: two sacred teleworking monsters speak to each other very naturally. From the conversation on Slack just type / zoom to activate the bot and access the various video conferencing options;

10 – Change the background to a virtual one: we told you with this mini guide, to prevent other participants from seeing your room (and the mess!).

And if Zoom isn't enough, here are some very useful apps for group video calls.


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