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10 free online marketing tools that any business owner can use

free marketing tools

A list of the 10 free marketing tools that every entrepreneur should know to amplify their efforts while remaining within their budgets.

If you are an entrepreneur who has just started your own business, you will know for sure how important it is to stay within the established budgets: here are 10 free online marketing tools to use right away. We know that to get a business idea, you need to reach a selected audience at the right time. To help you do that, and to allow you to do it cheaply and without compromising the quality of your marketing efforts, we have put together

a list of the 10 free online marketing tools that every business owner should know:

  1. Chattypeople

The chatbots have marked the marketing world this year. They cannot be missing among the marketing tools. Although many still believe that a chatbot is just a customer support tool, many see it as a must-have in their marketing strategies. Chatbot technology has improved dramatically over the past 10 years, allowing marketers to create bots, even without having specific coding knowledge. Chattypeople is the perfect tool for those who want to quickly create a chatbot for Messenger. The platform allows entrepreneurs to create a bot that not only works with Facebook, but that is the thrust of promotions for customers. With chatbots you can:

  • Use Facebook Messenger and comment to push customers through your sales funnel
  • Take orders directly from Facebook
  • Collect data about your customers to keep them updated through relevant products
  1. MailChimp

Among the marketing tools, e-mail marketing is an important element of any company's marketing strategy. With an e-mail tool like MailChimp, you can move your audience more efficiently, through your sales funnel, by means of a higher level of control. MailChimp will allow you to:

  • Create your marketing strategy by linking your email campaigns directly to your website
  • Use your purchase information to send multiple personalized emails in order to further increase your business activity
  • Integrate with Facebook to find new subscribers and reconnect with current ones
  • Create an automation level
  • Collect feedback from MailChimp reports
  1. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a creator of content and tools for marketing and publishing multimedia content, which you can try for free. It provides users with over 100,000 ideas, models and images for posts to share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. All social media models media are created by a team of designers, professionals and copywriters. Users can easily customize the templates with an integrated graphic editor. With PromoRepublic you get:

  • A library with 100,000 models and post views
  • A calendar of ideas for posts with holidays, events, anniversaries, themes and events in progress
  • A drag and drop graphic editor to customize templates and create messages from scratch
  • Self-publishing and programming on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  1. Hotjar

Hotjar is a powerful tool that will help you analyze the performance of your website. It shows everything you need to know about how visitors are spending their time on your site. The tool works mainly through heat maps that provide information about the clicks you make. occur on every page and in parts of a popular page. Some of the features of Hotjar include:

  • Recording of cursor movements and placements on various pages
  • A conversion funnel that indicates where most visitors have left your website
  • A survey tool for collecting feedback
  1. Buffer

Social media remains one of the most important and powerful parts of any marketing strategy. That said, managing social media is a full-time job and if you start your own business, you probably won't have time to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and every other platform available. a social media management tool, which will help you save time by allowing you to plan posts for each platform in advance. The tool automatically publishes content based on the chosen program and analyzes the performance of a page.

free marketing tools

  1. Canva

Hiring a graphic designer for your entire design work can be expensive, but with a tool like Canva you can save time and money. Through illustrations, banners and infographics, Canva can help you design virtually anything and with ease. Canva, you will have access to:

  • A font library
  • A variety of illustrations, images and models
  • A drag and drop system that simplifies its use
  1. Yoast

Yoast provides the tools to completely optimize every aspect of your website. Yoast mainly explains everything you need to know about organic marketing through a WordPress plug-in, allowing you to:

  • Give your page an SEO ranking
  • Help you write optimal meta descriptions
  • Use a traffic light system to tell you what is missing and what you are doing well
  • Give a readability score to help improve your SEO ranking
  1. Hello Bar

Hello Bar a tool that will help you convert visitors into customers by easily creating banners that highlight the most important content, products, services and messages. All you need to do is enter and select a goal. You can choose to:

  • Promote a specific offer or sale
  • Encourage site visitors to call your company
  • Increase your mailing list
  • Expand social media connections
  • Create a customized goal specific to your business
  1. SumoMe

The SumoMe suite is based on the generation of a wider audience for an activity. With this program possible:

  • Get more customers in your mailing list
  • Create more effective sharing buttons
  • Track traffic through heat maps
  • Have access to simplified image sharing tools that will help you create calls to action through clear images.
  1. Majestic

Majestic is the largest backlink index available on the market and offers the most in-depth backlink data in the world. Majestic offers:

  • Metrics including the number and quality of backlinks
  • Numerous backlink and domain comparison tools
  • A search engine with ranking factors
  • Multiple backlinking and link-building options

And finally

This wide range of tools is used by industry experts around the world. By implementing what we have proposed in your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to automate your marketing efforts and reach your audience effectively without compromising the quality and operational aspects of your new business.