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10 fantastic DSLR accessories for beginner photographers

10 fantastic DSLR accessories for beginner photographers

So recently you've been bitten by a shutter ( purely, metaphorically ) and can't wait to click on those surreal-looking photos that inspired you to take your camera? The road to becoming a great photographer may be difficult, but we're here to smooth out the bumps for you. We have listed some of the indispensable DSLR accessories that, we hope, will help you if you have just entered the world of photography.

This list will be useful if you are a lover of photography for beginners and you recently purchased a new digital SLR for interest or perhaps just out of curiosity. We have included some of the best accessories for Nikon, Canon or any other entry-level DSLR DSLR camera that can support and make the distinctions between suitable options clearly reflected in the article.

So, whether you're starting your journey with something as simple as a Nikon D3400 DSLR, a Canon EOS 1300D or something equipped like an EOS 2000D, this list will guide you in choosing some more useful DSLR accessories for beginners. We also tried to include some DSLR accessories for video producers if you were inspired to create your YouTube channel or simply want to do more than just still images.

Here are some of the great accessories that we think beginner photographers should consider buying for an optimized photo experience.

The best DSLR accessories for beginners

1. DSLR camera bag

Within a month of purchasing your new digital SLR, did the camera bag that came for free with the DSLR start to slow down or protrude or the belt too thin, making the weight of your new hobby a burden? So it certainly makes sense to buy a good and reliable bag and one of the most preferred choices for beginners is the large DSLR gadget bag called by AmazonBasics.

The DSLR bag with padded interiors that can accommodate a DSLR camera and multiple lenses or flashes. It also has room for some basic utility items such as the charger, memory cards, USB drives, etc. Amazon says it can also be suggested that it is possible to store small tablets like the iPad Mini or Amazon Kindle in the large bag, which it can also endure in light rain – although not claimed to be rain-proof. This very light AmazonBasics DSLR bag in your pocket.

Buy AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag on Amazon ($ 22.65)

If you are looking for a backpack with similar storage options instead of a suspended one, AmazonBasics Backpack for DSLR is another option to try. It is possible to store two cameras in this bag, while still leaving room for three or four lenses or flashes. The backpack only costs $ 29.99 – pretty good, innite?

If you want more space, especially if you are inclined to carry a laptop, the Victoriatourist V6022 rain pack is a good option. It will cost you $ 59.99. For avid travelers and wanderluses, the super comfortable Lowepro ProTactic 350 AW is a good choice and will also allow you to carry an ultrabook (13 inches or smaller) – even if there is no room for a large laptop 15-inch. This will set you aside for $ 117, 42.

Finally, if you want style together with comfort and utility, Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0 can be a good companion for beginner DSLR users. You won't be happy with your laptop, but you will have a decent space for a tablet and the single strap design of the bag will surely turn your head towards you. This bag will cost you $ 99.75.

In the meantime, you may also find other options from our list of the 15 best Camera Bags, useful for your needs.

2. DSLR cleaning kit

With your pure and new passion for photography, things are bound to get dirty as you go beyond established boundaries to capture some fantastic moments in your new DSLR. Dust will also likely creep in if you frequently change the lens. But any intrusion of dust or liquid can not only ruin your images but also damage the long-term camera sensor. This is why we recommend that you consider keeping a cleaning kit in the list of camera accessories that need to be purchased.

An option that deserves your attention is the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit. The kit comes with multiple cleaning swabs to keep the sensor free of dust, a completely natural detergent, a special lens cleaning pen with a brush on one side and a small padded tip on the other and several microfibre cloths. You also get a larger brush to wipe out tiny particles, a blower for some irremovable dust particles and 50 tissue papers for cleaning lenses for regular cleaning. To make sure that the contents of the cleaning kit do not spill inside the camera bag, you also get a hard case.

Buy the Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit on Amazon ($ 23.99)

If you are looking for cheaper options and don't worry about not cleaning swabs, CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit is another useful option. In this kit you will get the two-sided pen, a separate brush, an alcohol-free cleaning liquid, an air blower, microfibre fabrics and cloths. This kit costs less than half ($ 10.99) as an option above, but you won't get a carrying case.

3. Additional DSLR battery

Do you often dedicate yourself to photography that you almost forget to charge the camera battery? always a good idea to bring some spare batteries with you, especially if you are shooting outdoors – and earliness won't cost you much. In addition to sparing you from the frustration of missing that perfect shot at sunset in the advance of which you spent the whole day, the additional batteries will also give you the freedom to experiment and prepare for that final shot.

Battery pack recommended for Canon DSLRs

If you are using an entry-level Canon, you can choose a spare charger set from RAVPower. The charger can accommodate and charge two 1000 mAh batteries at a time. It uses Micro USB as a power source, which means that you can charge the batteries using a USB wall adapter, charger or car charger. These batteries can replace the Canon LP-E10 battery ($ 29.99) which are compatible with Canon EOS Rebel T3, T5, T6, T7, Kiss x50, Kiss x70, EOS 1100D, EOS 1200D, EOS 1300D and some other DSLR entry -level from Canon.

Buy RAVPower Replacement Battery Set on Amazon ($ 24.99)

Recommended battery for Nikon DSLR

If you are a Nikon user, you can find a similar offer from BESTON. The 2-in-1 battery pack equipped with two batteries (1, 100 mAh each) that can replace the Nikon 1, 030 mAh EN-EL14 battery pack ($ 29.99). This dual charger, like the one above, draws energy from a micro USB port and can also be charged in three different ways. The batteries in the package are compatible with Nikon D3400, D3300, D3200, D3100, D5100, D5200, D5300 and D5600 DSLR cameras.

Buy the BESTON 2-Pack Dual USB Charger Kit on Amazon ($ 26.99)

4. SD card

An SD card is an essential element for photography, because where else will you keep all those fantastic shots? We at Beebom rely on the 256 GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SD card, which supports transfer rates of up to 95MBps. This transfer rate is quite good for entry-level digital SLR cameras and we even use it to record 4K videos without problems.

In addition, the SanDisk SD card resistant to shocks, water and X-rays and will not be spoiled by temperature changes, especially when the camera overheats due to intensive use. Finally, SanDisk also offers a 30 year warranty on the SD card.

Buy SanDisk Extreme Pro 256 GB on Amazon ($ 88, 31)

If you don't have a utility for a 256 GB card, you can purchase the 64 GB ($ 23, 20) or 128 GB ($ 40, 21) version. You can also get the Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 SD card where you can remove the microSD card from the adapter and use it directly with your smartphone, if supported. The 128GB variant available for $ 36.95.

SD card with integrated WiFi

Most entry-level DSLR cameras have built-in Wi-Fi, but if your DSLR camera doesn't, if you have an older model, you can use a Toshiba FlashAir SDHC card that has built-in Wi-Fi support for sharing on smartphone or tablet. The 32 GB version of Toshiba is priced at 32, 23 dollars, but if you want to spend generously, you can buy the 32 GB Eyefi Mobi SDHC card with Wi-Fi for $ 279. In case you're asking for an extremely option expensive, well, you will pay this award for a 90-day subscription to Eyefi's cloud service, in which photos will be automatically saved.

5. DSLR tripod stands

A tripod will help you capture better long exposure shots and help you focus on the quality of an image. Well, if you are learning the basics of photography, you don't need an elaborate tripod stand and a basic one should suffice. So, we recommend the AmazonBasics 50-inch tripod as a valid and affordable DSLR accessory.

The AmazonBasics tripod weighs only more than a kilo and therefore suitable for traveling, allowing you to easily transport it for outdoor shots.

Buy a 50 inch AmazonBasics tripod on Amazon ($ 14.99)

If you want a more durable construction or a height adjustment lever, you can get the ZOMEI 55 inch folding tripod for $ 39.99. At Beebom, we also rely on this fantastic easel for fantastic photos and videos. For a more advanced tripod for video shooting, you can also use the Manfrotto MT055XPRO3 ($ 319.99).

6. Remote controls for DSLR

Remote controls for Nikon DSLRs

Wireless remote DSLR controllers can be really useful for easily shooting long and time-lapse exposures, and even for painting with DSLRs. So if you are looking for a wireless remote control for your entry-level Nikon DSLR, you can take a look at the official Nikon Quick Response ML-L3. a simple remote control with a button to control the shutter on your Nikon DSLR.

Buy the Nikon ML-L3 wireless remote control on Amazon ($ 17.50)

If you just want to buy a remote for special occasions but don't need it very often, you can also buy a similar remote from AmazonBasics for $ 8, 49.

Remote controls for Canon DSLR

Coming to Canon DSLR beginners, you may have to rely on a slightly expensive solution since most of the company's entry-level cameras don't come with IR support.

In this case, you can withdraw a remote aperture control for the PIXEL TW283E3 wireless shutter from Amazon that supports a variety of Canon digital SLR cameras and is not limited to the basic ones. Unlike the above Nikon solution, this one available in two parts and you will have to install a receiver module on the top of the camera while the remote shutter button. An advantage of using this elaborate DSLR accessory that can easily set a timer, the number of shots, the delay, the exposure time and similar attributes directly from the controller.

Buy PIXEL TW283E3 Remote shutter-free shutter control for Canon at Amazon ($ 32)

Note: We tried to search the Canon 1300D available in our office and to search the web for more solid information, but we did not succeed. If you have a Canon and have used its IR features, please let us know and we will update the article accordingly.

If you want similar functionality with your Nikon DSLR, you can get PIXEL TW283E3 shutter-free remote control for Nikon for $ 32.

Alternatively, if you want to save money, you can also use Nikon's "Wireless Mobile Utility" apps and make them available for both: Android and iOS. Nikon has worked on a cleaner app called SnapBridge that allows you to take photos more easily and even share them on the cloud. You can try it for Android and iOS and choose between the two apps.

Likewise, you also have Canon's Camera Connect app, which is also free for Android and iOS.

7. Polarizing filter

If you want to capture fantastic shots of illuminated objects or if you want to capture large shots of objects with bright backgrounds, the use of a polarizing filter will help you to block unwanted glare or the division of light in the colors of the rainbow. In addition to that, a polarizing filter for your reflex will also help you get close colors. You can get basic polarizers for less than $ 12 from AmazonBasics. The AmazonBasics CPL polarizer can block glare and deepen the contrast between colors.

Buy the Amazonasics circular polarizing lens filter (58mm) on Amazon ($ 11.99)

If you want more functionality, you can take a 3 in 1 set with a polarizing filter, a UV filter and a natural density filter. Natural density filters, unlike polarizing filters, will not selectively block light but will simply reduce part of the exposure and be useful when everything you are trying to photograph too bright or exposed to light, and therefore appears faded. This will lead to more saturated shots. The 3 in 1 set available for $ 14.99 via Amazon and also a cleaning cloth and carrying case.

Note: before buying a polarizing filter, be sure to choose the right size corresponding to the lens. While 58mm is the most common size, you can find the exact information on the front of the lens kit (above the lens bulge).

8. Additional lenses

Lenses for Portrait and Bokeh

If you've spent enough time with your DSLR and want to take it a step further, getting a second goal could open the door to new possibilities for you. For example, if you are looking for exceptional portraits, you can get a lens with a wider aperture, such as the 50mm lenses available for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

1 of 2

Note that Nikon's 50mm lens doesn't have zoom or autofocus options, but you get those with the Canon lens.

Buy Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM lenses at Amazon ($ 125)

Buy Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 50mm f / 1.8D lens on Amazon ($ 131, 95)

Telephoto Lenses for Nikon and Canon

1 of 2

Alternatively, if you want to clearly capture distant objects, a good idea is to buy a telephoto lens with a longer focal length than the standard kit lens. While it is already possible to obtain packets with telephoto lenses, these are also available for purchase separately. Nikon sells the 70-300mm lens for $ 346.95 while the Canon 55-250mm lens can be purchased for $ 159.99.

9. Camera strap

While one might think that the purpose of a camera strap is to simply hold the camera in place while on the move – which is true – there can be much more. So if you are looking for the safest strap because you love hiking and want to start capturing landscapes or something more trendy because you are starting as a street photographer, personalizing your gear with something as simple as a strap can help you feel much more enthusiastic and inspired to go out and shoot, especially when you're just starting out.

Camera straps for hiking and adventure photography

Since we have just mentioned the excursions, if you happen to be in the outdoors, you can check out this USA GEAR harness for $ 14.99. The harness straps go around your body to keep the camera safe, allowing you to be on the move all day without feeling tired of the extra weight.

If you want to stick to something more conventional, the BlackRapid Breathe Curve Camera strap is your old cross body camera strap with added support. With its extra strap that goes under your arm to ensure that the shoulder strap always stays on your shoulder, BlackRapid Breathe Curve is one of the safest cross-body camera straps you can use and will cost you $ 66.95. For a cheaper solution , you can consider the comfortable and lightweight Camera Neck waka shoulder strap, available for $ 16.99.

Camera straps to add some style to your DSLR

For more elegant options, you can choose from a variety of 595strapco leather straps on the Etsy online market, but a cheaper and simpler-looking option may be the TARION Vintage belt strap for $ 9.99. Finally, if you want something to complete your hippie or bohemian look, you can buy a knitted nylon strap from Eorefo for $ 6.99.

10. Waterproof rain cover for DSLR

Bringing your new digital SLR in the rain or somewhere near water can be a costly mistake, but you can avoid it by using an inexpensive waterproof cover. A good option to take a look at the Protector Venterior Rain Cover Camera which has adjustable sleeves and a transparent window so you can see the viewfinder. The rain cover compatible with a wide range of DSLR cameras and not limited to the input level.

However, it is necessary to note that while the case protects the DSLR camera from light rain, snow, dust or sand, it is not recommended for heavy rain or thunderstorm. Also, you won't be able to take your camera with you for swimming, so don't make this mistake.

Buy Venterior Rain Cover waterproof camera protection on Amazon ($ 12.99)

Bonus: microphone recording

In addition to the accessories listed above, if you plan to shoot vlogs or YouTube videos with your camera, you should definitely also invest in a microphone. A good option for beginners is the Rode VideoMic Go condenser microphone.

The lightweight microphone and long housing – along with the cardioid mode – ensures that it is possible to record sounds from a single direction and this is useful for interviews or vlogs. With the Rode microphone, you can also mount a shock absorber to absorb any jolts or jolts due to any unexpected movement.

Buy Rode VideoMic Go Condenser on Amazon ($ 60.95)

You can also purchase a simpler but good-quality unidirectional collar microphone (also known as a lavalier or lapel microphone) for just $ 22, 22 but you may not have the same clarity as Rode VideoMic.

The best DSLR accessories for beginners

With the excellent accessories we have listed above, you will be able to improve your DSLR game and take your photographic skills to the next level. It is not necessary to buy them all together, but some of these accessories such as telephoto lenses and polarizing filters may not only improve image quality, but also help you explore some new efforts and help you master your photographic skills.

So which of these DSLR accessories impress you or plan to buy? Also, do you think we could add anything to this list? Tell us in the comments below.