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10 Cydia tweaks rendered useless thanks to iOS 6.

10 Cydia tweaks rendered useless thanks to iOS 6.


The 10 useless tweaks with iOS 6.

With each new version of iOS, Apple gradually tries to fill the gaps in its operating system, very often taking a cue from the tweaks present within Cydia. For this reason, with the arrival of iOS 6, some tweaks available on Cydia have become totally or partially useless. In this article we will talk about these tweaks, or at least the 10 most important ones.


This tweak prevents the Sore App from closing automatically after downloading an update and / or installing an application. In iOS 6 the same function has been integrated natively within the new App Store.

PullToRefresh for Mail

PullToRefresh for Mail was a tweak that allowed to update the inbox of the native Mail application through a simple gestures, that is a scrolling from the top to the bottom, just like it happens with the official applications of Twitter and Facebook. Now the same function has been natively integrated into the new iOS 6 Mail application.


AssistantExtensions is yet another expression of MobileSubstrate that improves Siri a lot by introducing many new innovations, including: launching applications, updating your status on Twitter, activating or deactivating SBSettings toggles and much more. This tweak also offers developers the ability to create new extensions with simplicity.AssistantExtension has been made partly useless by the update of Siri, which with iOS 6 can do much more.

International Location for Siri

International Location for Siriactivates geo-localized searches for Siri on iOS 5 even in those countries where this functionality is not supported.With iOS 6 the problem has been solved and geolocated search is active also in Italy and in the other new countries supported by Apple's voice assistant. .

Fusion / FacebookThis

Fusion a tweak that allows you to update your status on major social networks such as: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Foursquare. The tweak used the native iOS 5 interface to share images, links and more on Twitter.FacebookThis instead is a tweak designed for all Facebook sick users who own an iPhone and who want to share their images quickly, easily and intuitively on the known social network on iOS 5. Both tweaks are therefore now useless thanks to iOS 6.

3G Unrestrictor

3GUnrestrictor the famous tweak that allows you to overcome this limit by unlocking the applications you intend to use also on 3G network. Among the most important functions, 3G Unrestrictor allowed to unlock FaceTime to use Apple's video call even under 3G network. With iOS 6 this tweak becomes partially useless since Apple has natively enabled FaceTime calls under 3G network.


PhotoMail is a tweak that allows you to easily and immediately attach one or more images in an email directly from the iPhone's native Mail application. With the update to iOS 6, Apple has finally introduced the possibility of attaching images and videos directly to the email that is being composed, without therefore necessarily having to first pass through the "Images" application.


QuickTweet a jailbroken tweak for iPhone updated to iOS 5 that allows you to insert the much coveted Tweet button inside the Notification Center. This way, posting your status updates on Twitter will be much faster and more convenient. With iOS 6, Apple introduced this button natively in the Notification Center, responding to one of the requests of users who had previously appreciated the integration of the operating system with Twitter.


BannerDisable a tweak that implements a function called Do Not Disturb on the jailbroken iPhone. The use of this tweak has been rendered practically useless by the arrival of the Do not disturb function within the Settings application of iOS 6.

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