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10 best Skype robots you should use

10 best Skype robots you should use

Skype has been at the forefront when it comes to VoIP-based communication services. Available as an all-in-one communication service, available on all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. Thanks to Microsoft, every now and then it receives new features. Along with all the fantastic features, Skype has made headlines for its Bot function, available on all Skype apps. Skype bots are quite similar to Telegram's robots, but benefit from Microsoft's experience and resources in AI programming. So, if you use Skype, we offer you the 10 best Skype Bots you should use:

But before proceeding, we should answer an important question:

How to use bots on Skype?

Well, it's very easy to look for bots in the Skype app. You can search for them in a couple of ways:

1. Touch the Search button from the Skype app's home screen and type in the name of the bot you are looking for. The search list also offers an option of " Tap to find new robots "which allows you to open a separate search screen for robots only.

2. You can also swipe left on the "People" tab and touch the button Find bots to open an exclusive search screen for bots.

Note : we tested these robots on the Skype for Android app. The output may vary on other platforms.

1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner one of the tourism-based travel meta-engines more established at world and provides a great Skype robot. The bot works just like the counterpart of its website, even if it is outside the Skype window. You will be asked to enter your city, the place of origin of the trip and all the important details needed to show travel options . However, you are also greeted with route suggestions, price suggestions for two-way travel bookings, the first 5 cheapest options and variable price alerts. The bot takes some time to respond, but the results provided are commendable.

2. Bing Music Preview

Developed by Microsoft, Bing Music Preview a quality bot on Skype. Allows you to search for music on popular sites like YouTube, Vevo, LyricFind and more. You just have to type the name of the song or its artist and the bot will give you its video link from any of the sites mentioned. However, we have found that you can also search for advertisements and videos of genres other than music videos. Overall, if you're the kind of person who likes to share music videos with your Skype friends, you should definitely try it.

3. Bing News Preview

Another Microsoft robot, Bing News Preview offers you the titles in your Skype inbox. Although the number of titles is limited to 3, you get them together with web links. And, as you may have guessed, the news headlines are provided by Bing. Try this if you prefer to learn about world events from time to time in your chat sessions.

4. Bing image preview

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to guess the function of this bot. Bing Image Preview from Microsoft helps you to find images on a particular topic . You just have to type the name of the subject in the chat thread, but that's the only thing you can write. Each random phrase is not considered a valid input. You get the link to the full screen view of the image followed by the link to the page. We think this is a worthy robot that deserves a place in your list of Skype conversations.

5. Foursquare

The Foursquare bot lets you search for the best food, nightlife and entertainment attractions nearby or anywhere else in the world to explore. It asks you to enter the details of what you want to find, followed by the name of the area you are looking for. For example, you can type "Find coffee at Connaught Place, New Delhi" and I will show you several places that might interest you. The search does not cover many places, which depends on Foursquare resources. However, there is an "additional information" button that gives you the map positions. You can easily use it to schedule a meeting with your Skype contacts by sharing the details and locations of a place.

6. Getty Images

As you have guessed, this bot search for Getty images from your search queries . You must enter your search query in the text box of your chat thread and you will be provided with links to stock images from websites. If you want to buy the image, you will need to click on the link to continue purchasing from the website. This bot takes every input as a search term, so you won't be able to chat with it.

7. Dr. Strange

If you are a fan of the famous Marvel superhero, then you should definitely try this. This bot pretends to be Dr. Strange, who is looking for an assistant. You are asked a lot of questions even before starting, giving you the actual experience of talking with Doctor Strange . It takes you to a chat based on history, with active user interaction. To be honest, the bot has no practical use. But, if you want to relive the magical experience of the movie, you should definitely chat with the AI ​​version of Doctor Strange.

8. Meme Bot

If you have an exceptional sense of humor and love to create memes, then this bot is perfect for you. Following is a very simple way to help you create memes in the form of chat messages. It asks you to upload an image along with the text for both upper and lower images. Then it sends the processed image as a meme. The bot responds quickly and creates appreciable memes.

9. Solitary

If you are a gamer and prefer to play it often enough, this will help you while you are active on Skype. It provides you with an experience of solitaire game in a chat-based format . The bot acts like a computer and therefore provides you with the possible moves available for your choice. It also gives you images of the current situation and moves, which give you a familiarity with the solitaire game on your Windows computer. All Solitaire fans should definitely try it.

10. Horoscope Bot

Created by Microsoft, the Horoscope Bot provides daily forecasts in its separate discussion thread. Bring predictions using Bing resources. Together with forecasts, you can also read other horoscopes and access inspirational articles. We cannot comment on the accuracy of the forecasts as all horoscopes are very different from each other. But if you believe in these predictions, this should definitely work for you.

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Make your Skype experience interesting with these robots

So these are some of the interesting Skype robots that have caught our attention. However, we believe that these robots still need a significant amount of development to rely on completely. That being said, you should definitely try them and look for other robots that can get your attention. If you find a robot that you believe should receive a recommendation, write to it in the comments section below.