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10 best Little F1 cases and covers you can buy

Regardless of the price of the phone, the protection always essential to extend the life of the phone and for an unhindered experience. So, after spending a fortune (or less) to buy a large smartphone like the new Poco F1, it is also wise to invest in a good case, especially if you don't want to dent the phone in everyday use.

Little F1 clearly crashes when it comes to performance, and while built well, we're not sure he would have survived from falling from a height. So I explored Amazon and Flipkart to offer you a variety of protective cases in different styles and form factors to give you the choice.

In particular, many renowned manufacturers of houses such as Spigen have yet to immerse themselves in the phenomenon of the economic affair and, therefore, the list has been compiled on the basis of how the covers look and their characteristics. So, if you are not satisfied with the TPU case supplied with the Poco F1, you can check it out.

10 best enclosures and cases Little F1

1. Shockproof KAPAVER black carbon fiber case for the Poco F1

If you are looking for a case that offers better grip, bold appearance, sturdy and sharply chiseled lines, the KAPAVER shockproof case should do the job for you. The case uses one TPU layer with matte finish with an engraved design reminiscent of carbon fiber. It not only improves the grip of the case, but also complements the opaque look of the new Poco F1.

The lid raised the lips above the buttons to ensure that they remain unharmed over time. Inside, the housing has padded padding to absorb shocks and reduce the impact on the body. Finally, the cover also wraps around the edges of the display to protect it directly from drops.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 299 )

2. TheGiftKart tempered glass case with bumper for the Poco F1

If it seems as important to you as protection, this case with TheGiftKart tempered glass back requires your attention. Although adding glass to a plastic phone makes the phone case more fragile, it does offers one style that others don't have. There is a TPU bumper on the sides which should protect not only the smartphone but also the glass on the case.

The openings for the doors and for the push-button the Poco F1 seem well cut while the case also removes the protuberance from the double rear cameras. For me, this coverage does the job, especially because adds the missing luxury factor to the new competitive flagship: Poco F1. The cover available in black, red, pink and white.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 499 )

3. Poco F1 TPU case for KuGi shockproof armor

This KuGi impact resistant case promises to protect your phone in all circumstances. Made of silicone, the case is easy to slap or take off while the hexagonal motif inside creates a layer of padding to protect the smartphone from falls.

In addition, the motif on the back is reminiscent of the "armored edition" of the Little F1 and the design adds to the phone jack. The cutouts for the ports and the appearance of the camera and buttons get a protective cover . You can choose from a lot of colors including red, black, green, blue and purple.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 450 )

4. Crystal Clear TheGiftKart TPU case

For some, simplicity is the way to go. And if you're trying to protect your new Poco F1 without hiding the phone's appearance, you're better off with a clear protector. In this case, TheGiftKart's transparent TPU case does a great job. Highly flexible and made of high quality silicone, the transparent case adds protection without hiding your new phone.

The transparent case also has the raised corners to absorb shocks and avoid the possibility of the sides being damaged. Conveniently protects buttons and has cutouts for speakers and ports, while the edges around the camera are slightly raised to prevent damage to the glass cover.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 299 )

5. Xiaomi POCO F1 hard case

Like most other smartphones, Xiaomi offers a protective case for the Poco F1. The hard case wraps the edges perfectly and perfect for those who don't want BS when it comes to avoiding dents or scratches. There is no brand on the case that another attractive aspect for minimalists.

The hard case features perfect cutouts for the camera, flash and other ports while there is extra protection on the buttons to prevent scratches. In addition, the minimal case does not add any weight to the Poco F1 and has a slim profile.

Buy from Flipkart ( Rs 399 )

6. S-Gripline Pudding soft case for the Little F1

If a minimal and flexible case you are looking for, you can choose this soft cover from S-Gripline. This case, just like the official one, it has no logo and should appeal to those who are not interested in showing the brands.

Like many others on this list, the cover protects also the buttons on the Poco F1 from scratching . Furthermore, if you are looking for savings, the additional savings of Rs 174 compared to the original Xiaomi case should appeal to you.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 225 )

7. TheGiftKart 3-in-1 Slim Fit Hybrid Little F1 Bumper

Another elegant alternative that you can take a look at this 3-in-1 hybrid case by TheGiftKart. In addition to protecting the back of the phone, the cover can wrap the top and bottom frames of the Little F1, without occupying the notch. The cover fits perfectly with the smartphone and the hybrid construction ideal for 360 degree protection .

The hybrid case available in a wide range of colors, including some dual-tone rad options. The case, however, won't be available until October 4th, but you can order one now if it meets your criteria.

Pre-order on Amazon ( Rs 299 )

8. TPU case with FOSO leather texture for the Little F1

I'm sure minimalism has many buyers, but premium looks never go out of style. That's why if you want to attract the attention of others with your new Poco F1, you can choose this soft TPU case with a texture similar to the skin .

The case also does a good job covering the edges so that the screen is protected from accidental drops and bumps. In addition, the layer around the buttons is relatively thinner than the overall material, which should provide a more tactile answer . Finally, the design on the back also serves to remove the heat from the smartphone and to help the LiquidCool technology that is already in operation. We are not sure how accurate these claims are, but certainly the interesting aspect.

Buy from Amazon ( Rs 199 )

9. Tarkan Poco F1 Clear Case

Little F1 is not a surprising device, but its colors and the Armored Edition variant with Kevlar are definitely beautiful. So if you are someone who wants to make sure people see the back of your new Poco F1, you can get the Tarkan case. The transparent case characterized from bumper-shaped corners and raised edges on the front for better protection of the phone's display .

Other than that, the Tarkan case is said to be impact resistant thanks to AirCusion technology and fits perfectly with the Poco F1. The case here has a 12 month warranty, so great.

Buy from Amazon: ( Rs 199 )

10. Official Little F1 armored case

For those who want the armored edition of the Little F1, but may not have the budget, Pocophone has also announced an armored case. the case is probably characterized by the same design in kevlar as the top variant and has amber accents to make things more colorful and exciting.

The cover also has ridges along both sides and this seems to contribute to heat dissipation. Not still arrived and will cost Rs 799, which although it is a significant investment in terms of hedging, one that should pay off.

The best cases and covers to keep the Poco F1 safe

Little F1 built for performance and its specifications that promise a long life. To ensure that your smartphone meets your expectations, ideally use a good case. And now that we've deployed some of the best, deciding should be easier for you. The company also offers a simple solution for the slightly tasteless side of the Poco F1 and this a range of official skins such as Dbrand and Gadgetshieldz.

The hides will be offered in a variety of finishes and they are priced at only Rs 299, and in doing so, Xiaomi and Pocophone are changing the dynamics of another market, that of smartphone skins.

So what do you think of this list? Share your views in the comments below.