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10 best drawing apps for your iPad

10 best drawing apps for your iPad

When Apple introduced iPad in 2010, artists around the world quickly saw a new world of possibilities appear before their eyes. Fast forward to today, iPad has become the favorite digital canvas for painting, drawing and drawing; and the combination of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil currently the dream of digital artists. But hardware is only half of the equation. There are many drawing apps that help channel everyone's appetite for drawing, even if you're just a part-time doodler like me. Here are some of the best of them.

App design for random drawing

1. Card of 53

Paper by 53 may not be the first, but it may be one of the few apps to bring traditional design to the iPad. It lacks many bells and whistles from its competitors, but simplicity could be one of its strengths. You can create and customize notebooks, add pages and share designs with the Paper community.

As for functionality, Paper offers five drawing tools, an eraser, color palettes, color mixers, basic zoom and fantastic Undo-Redo gestures. Some of the tools were not free, but now all free.

Credit Image: Puttakhun Vongsingha

2. Sketches of Tayasui

Tayasui's sketches offer you more tools than Paper's. Other drawing tools, possibility to import images, support of levels and options to add models and texts, just to name a few. He positioned himself between random sketches and serious painting apps. a good drawing app once you get it. But IMHO, the somewhat steep learning curve for ordinary people to master quickly. So most of those who just want a quick drawing tool could give up before them (like I did the first time). The app is free, but you can update other tools and features.

Image Credit: Tayasui Drawings

3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

The name Adobe should give you a general idea of ​​the type of sketch app for Adobe Photoshop Sketch. It may be said that this may be the Adobe version of Paper, but it has deeper support for other Adobe products. free, but you must sign in using your Adobe account to unlock all the features.

In addition to the usual drawing tools, this app allows users to send their sketches to Illustrator and Photoshop, integrates with Behance and Creative Cloud Libraries, has built-in graphics and perspective grids and allows users to create custom brushes from photos.

Image credit: Adobe

4. Asketch

If you want a drawing app that allows you to focus on drawing instead of meddling with tools, the minimal Asketch could be your answer. You only have one drawing tool – with color options, an eraser, Cancel button, gallery and trash can. The rest depends on your skills and creativity. At the time of writing, the $ 2.99 app in the iTunes App Store and has not yet supported Apple Pencil.

Image Credit: Asketch

App design for more serious painting

5. AutoDesk sketchbook

AutoDesk another giant on the list. the name behind AutoCad, probably the most used 2D and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) application in the world. Autodesk Sketchbook the company's foray into the world of less technical drawing, and does not bother to do it.

A unique thing about Autodesk Sketchbook that you have all the screen properties like canvas. You can summon tools using touches and gestures.

Autodesk Sketchbook available for desktops and mobile devices on all major platforms. available for free with the option to unlock all Pro Tools on all platforms with a single Pro subscription. And its latest iOS version has already supported Apple Pencil.

Image Credit: Autodesk Sketchbook

6. Procreate

Create an award-winning drawing application for iOS only. started in the early days of iPad and evolved into one of the favorite drawing apps on iPad. One thing that stands out about Procreate's fast performance. The Procreate developer created his paint engine called Silica and claims it to be the fastest 64-bit paint engine for iOS.

Procreate for iPad available on the iTunes App Store for $ 5.99.

Image Credit: Procreate

7. Pixelmator

Started as a photo editor for Mac, nicknamed the lightest Photoshop alternative, the most recent version of Pixelmator can also do painting and vector drawing. Its iOS version is also a handyman, but it can be a very capable painting app.

Pixelmator for iOS available on the iTunes App Store for $ 4.99.

Credit Image: Pixelmator

8. Inspire Pro

Another alternative that you can try Inspire Pro. It differs from the rest by focusing more on the ability to create drawings and experiences similar to oil paintings. This app also uses its own paint engine called Sorcery and dedicates ultra-fast rendering.

Inspire Pro available on the iTunes App Store for $ 9.99.

Image Credit: Inspire Pro

More precise drawing apps for iPad

9. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Formerly known as Adobe Ideas, the free Adobe Illustrator Draw incorporated precision drawing tools from Adobe Illustrator Line, now discontinued. You can draw perfect lines, circles and curves; and you can also draw in perspective mode. This application focuses more on vector drawing, hence the scalable result. And you have all the gadgets that all Adobe apps have.

Image Credit: Adobe Illustrator Draw

10. Concepts

For a more serious precision drawing, this lesser-known concept is the answer. more than just a drawing app; a CAD drawing tool for the touch screen. so precise that you can measure every element of your design and adapt it to your needs. It is possible to export the drawing as a vector drawing (SVG), ready to print the image (PNG) or even DXF AutoCad.

The app available for free with the update option to unlock other tools and features.

Image credit: concepts

There are practically tons of drawing applications available for iPad. Those listed here are far from complete. If you design on iPad and your favorite tools are not here, please let us know using the comment below.