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10 beautiful themes for iOS 8

10 beautiful themes for iOS 8


Here are the top 10 WinterBoard Themes for iOS 8 compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Download 10 beautiful themes for iOS 8

If you have jailbroken your iPhone with iOS 8, you probably know that by installing the Winterboard tweak you can download many themes for your smartphone or tablet and completely customize the interface.

The Winterboard tweak, famous and popular for several years now for iOS operating system, it allows you to install personalized themes on iPhone, iPod and iPad, to completely change and distort the interface of your Apple smartphone or tablet. To work it requires the Jailbreak, as we said, but one of the best tweaks ever for the Apple platform. After installing Winterboard, in fact, you will have the opportunity to download and install thousands of beautiful themes on your devices and make them truly unique in this way.

Recently the tweak has been updated to be compatible with iOS 8 and also with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So if you have already done the Jailbreak to your new Apple smartphone or tablet, here is one nice collection of 10 themes to customize the graphics of iOS 8 and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Obviously the themes available for Winterboard are many, but these are the nicest themes that I found turning on the web.

You like them? What do you think? Here is the collection of 10 beautiful themes for Winterboard compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If you know others, report them in the comments and we will update the article with your advice.

10 best themes for Winterboard compatible with iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

1. Andora

It offers a soft, beautiful color scheme and flat icons for minimalists. The new theme comes with over 120 themed icons. Andora available HERE for $ 1.99.

2. Aura iOS 8

Aura offers something like 300 icons for the applications of your iO device. You can change the wallpaper, UI icons, Message UI, Keyboard UI and so on. You can download from Repo ModMyi for $ 2.99.


Flatish a new iOS 8 jailbreak temawinterboard that offers a cool but very elegant atmosphere. With soft colors and long shadows, it redeems the beautiful theme on dark and opaque backgrounds. Flatish a theme available in the Repo MacCiti Repo di Cydia. To download it click HERE.

4. Fizz

Fizz takes design ideas from both Windows Phone and Google with Lollipop, and it does it really well. Fizz a brand new iOS 8 jailbreak winterboard theme which is a soft and colorful theme with rounded edges with a great variety of backgrounds. The theme available in Cydia's Repo MacCiti for $ 1.49. To download it click HERE.

5. Obscure 7

This black and white theme is very comfortable to not strain your eyes.Maybe not as interesting as the other themes, but it includes dozens of icons that cover the most popular applications. Obscure 7 has around 500 cool icons so you can give your phone a style / color the way you want. Obscure 7 available in Cydia's ModMyi repo for $ 0.99 and can be downloaded from HERE.

6. Axla 2 by Andy L

It is a simple theme characterized by geometric shapes, bright colors and over 350 icons for maximum compatibility with all installed applications. The theme is available for download upon payment of $ 2.99 from the MacCiti repository on Cidya. It is located here:

7.Satcon 8

This theme includes more than 100 themed icons and three backgrounds. The theme now available on the BigBoss repo through Cydia for $ 0.99. This theme for Winterboard is part of the Jailbreakers Per Milo project which allocates 100 percent of the profits to charity.

8. Style HD

Iltema Style HD of elegant style, compatible with Jailbreak iOS 7 and 8 and works on all iPhones with iOS 8. The theme available in Rpo MacCiti on the Cydia jailbreak app store at the price of $ 1.99. To download it click HERE.

9. Gliese 8

Gliese 8 is an option to consider for your devices if you love the flat and "flat" style. This iOS 8 jailbreak winterboard theme was made for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus only. The theme available in Cydia's Repo MacCiti. To download it click HERE.

10. Lasso

Lasso a fun new winterboard theme for iOS 8 jailbreak with cozy colors and over 120 themed icons. The theme available for all jailbroken iPhones iOS 8 including iPhone 6 Plus. The theme available in the Repo MacCiti on Cydia. To download it click HERE.

Well, I'd say everything. These were the best themes available for Winterboard and compatible with iOS 8 or iPhone 6. Do you like them? What do you think? If you know or use others, all you have to do is leave a comment on the article.

See you soon.

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