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1 Ghz accelerators for PowerMac G4 and Cubo da Powerlogix

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They are currently the only update cards to use the latest technology available from Motorola, the "Apollo" G4 / 7455 processor. Interesting that not only Apple's desktop towers but also the "defunct" Cube that will find will benefit new life from a doubling and more of the processor frequency.

The Apollo has four integer execution units, a dual precision FPU and 4 128 Bit Altivec units. It also has a level 1 cache on chip at the same speed as the processor. PowerForce G4, this is the name of the cards, will be available with several level 3 cache cuts.

PowerForce G4 processor upgrade simply replaces the original processor board in a few minutes and the operation can be performed directly by the user.

Here are the models with upgradeable 100 Mhz bus PowerMac G4 'AGP Graphics', with 350, 400, 450 MHz speed processor PowerMac G4 'Gigabit Ethernet' with Single 400, Dual 450 or 500 MHz processor PowerMac G4 Cube with 450, 500 MHz processor

Here are the models with upgradeable 100 Mhz bus PowerMac G4 'Digital Audio' with speed processor 466, 533, 667, 733, Dual 533MHz PowerMac G4 'QuickSilver' with speed processor '733, 867, Dual 800 MHz PowerMac G4' QuickSilver 2002 ' with speed processor 800, 933, Dual 1GHz

For PowerMac G4 'PCI Graphics', the very first generation of G4 Powerlogix recommends the use of PowerForce G4 ZIF 550, implicitly indicating that it will not be able to mount its more powerful accelerators.

PowerForce G4 Series 100 will be available in July. PowerForce G4 Series 133 will be available in August. The price will start from $ 449 to reach US $ 749.