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1 GB of Ram on Pismo

1 GB of Ram on Pismo logomacitynet1200wide 1

As already mentioned, the new laptops mount new ram modules very similar to the previous ones, but with PC100 standard, instead of the PC66 of the previous modules installed on Lombard, and Apple itself recommends not to use the old modules on the new machines. Hence the need to find on the market 144 pin PC100 modules, a requirement immediately covered by Kingstone with a complete range from 64/128/256 and precisely 512 Mb for each individual module; all modules comply with the 2-inch standard and can therefore be installed in both ram slots of the laptop, although the intervention of an authorized technician is highly recommended to access the lower slot. In the case of maximum expansion, but also in the case of pairing a 256Mb and a 512Mb module, it is necessary to have a little more attention in power management: if with the maximum expansion recommended by Apple, to 512Mb total , it is possible to replace the battery even with the computer stopped, in the case of higher expansion it will be good to turn off the machine completely to replace the exhausted battery with a charge.

Finally, the prices of the ram: those recommended to the public are not very popular, but neither exorbitant, a 128 Mb module is taken with just over 200 dollars, about 400,000 lire, the 256 Mb costs 443 dollars and the 512 Mb is takes with $ 893; sure, 3 and a half million in ram are not very few, but not even a gigabyte of ram on a laptop is a requirement that everyone can feel …

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